Black Point Wildlife Drive Cinematic 4K Nature Video

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Black Point Wildlife Drive is a part of the National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is closed right now but you can access it by using the drive. You pay $10 at the gate and can drive through to see scenic views and wildlife sightings. I always see a ton of photographers out so it’s a favorite spot for most. I put together this short video of my drive and hike while I was out there.

List of Scenes

Scene 1 – Landscape – Sony FDR-AX100
Scene 2 – Green heron – Sony FDR-AX100
Scene 3 – Dry wetlands & mangrove tree – Sony FDR-AX100
Scene 4 – Sand fiddler crab – Sony FDR-AX100
Scene 5 – Flower & ants – Sony FDR-AX100
Scene 6 – Wetlands & mangrove trees – Sony FDR-AX100
Scene 7 – Roseate spoonbills – Sony FDR-AX100
Scene 8 – Mangrove tree in water – Sony FDR-AX100
Scene 9 – Green heron hunting by water – Sony FDR-AX100
Scene 10 – Landscape, water & mangrove trees – Sony FDR-AX100
Scene 11 – Green heron – Sony FDR-AX100
Scene 12 – Watering hole – Sony FDR-AX100
Scene 13 – Green heron – Sony FDR-AX100

Park Information

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

PO Box 2683
Titusville FL 32781


Every day 8am to sunset

Entrance Fee

$10 per car


  • Hiking trails
  • Overlooks
  • 7 Mile one-way scenic route
  • Wildlife viewing


Official Website

Equipment Used

Camera Gear

  • Sony FDR-AX100
  • Manfrotto Tripod


  • Premiere Pro CC


  • SL Bleach HDR

Chris spends his time photographing and taking video of wildlife and nature. He spent 2 years in high school studying forestry (Gainesville, FL) and is currently studying to be an Advanced Master Naturalist at the University of Florida. His mission is to inspire others to get outside and learn.