Masonic – Freemason Engravings

Masonic – Freemason Engravings
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Living in the Washington, DC area you’ll see a lot of past work from the Freemasons but only if you know what you are looking for. I’m no expert on the subject but I’m learning very quickly as I see more and more signs of our founding fathers and their feats of engineering on my hikes in the DC area.

My latest hike out to Lock #1 on the Potawmack Canal resulted in several Masonic – Freemason engravings on the stones I was looking at.

It took less time to hike to this location than it did staring at and taking pictures of the engravings. It was well worth the minor hike.

I wanted to post these engravings (From 1790) for those who study Freemasonry and to show what the Masons did to build our Country.


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