Bull Run Mountain Hiking Review

Bull Run Mountain Hiking Review
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Park Information

Bull Run Mountain Trail Map
Bull Run Mountain Conservancy Home Page


Bull Run Mountains Conservancy
17405 Beverley Mill Drive
Broad Run, VA 20137


8am – Sunset

Entrance Fee


The trail head for Bull Run Mountain is located at 17405 Beverley Mill Drive, Broad Run, VA 20137. There is no admission fee to hike up the mountain.

The weather was great on Saturday. It was around 70 degrees and sunny so myself and some friends set out to hike Bull Run Mountain, located on Beverly Mill Drive in Broad Run, Virginia.

Bull Run Mountain was heavily involved in the Civil War and remnants still exist on the mountain of the battle which makes this hike to the summit not only a learning experience but a good workout as well.

Historical Points Along The Trails

  • Chapman’s Cemetery
  • Dawson’s Cemetery
  • Mountain House
  • Quarry Trench
  • Beverley Chapman’s Mill

Trails on Bull Run Mountain

  • Mountain Road Trail 0.9 Miles
  • Quarry Trail 0.7 Miles
  • Chestnut Ridge Trail 2.1 Miles
  • Chestnut Ridge Loop Trail 0.9 Miles
  • Ridge Loop Trail 0.7 Miles
  • Catlett’s Branch Trail 0.3 Miles
  • East End Trail 0.7 Miles
  • Dawson’s Trail 0.3 Miles
  • Fern Hollow Trail 0.8 Miles
  • Chapman Trail 0.1 Miles

On our hike, we took a number of the trails (Great trail markers) past the cemeteries and made our way up the slope to the summit. The views are great at the top. This trail is populated on the weekends so be aware it’s not a quiet hike. The pathways are clean and it’s easy walking. I’m new to hiking up mountains but I learned it’s a lot easier hiking up them than hiking back down. I saw a number of people trying to make it to the summit without the proper gear. This included one person wearing flip flops and looked like they were mentally done less than half way up theĀ  mountain.

Bull Run Mountain Hiking Suggestions

  • Hiking boots
  • Long pants
  • A light jacket
  • Water (I had half a gallon in my Camelbak)
  • Snacks
  • First aid kit with band-aids (In case of blisters)

This is a great starter hike if you want to get into good enough shape to hike larger mountains. I plan on hiking these trails a lot in the near future.


Chris spends his time photographing and taking video of wildlife and nature. He spent 2 years in high school studying forestry (Gainesville, FL) and is currently studying to be an Advanced Master Naturalist at the University of Florida. His mission is to inspire others to get outside and learn.