A Video I Captured Of An Alligator Eating A Snapping Turtle

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On my hike through a swamp area last night in Central Florida, I heard a sound and found an alligator eating a snapping turtle behind me. Over the next 30 minutes, I was able to film the alligator breaking through the shell and swallowing the turtle. Here is a video I took of the tail end of the encounter. Alligator mating season is coming up and I’ll find more encounters like this in the near future as gators tend to be a bit more aggressive around this time. Here is a video I captured of an alligator eating a snapping turtle. Enjoy!


Chris spends his time photographing and taking video of wildlife and nature. He spent 2 years in high school studying forestry (Gainesville, FL) and is currently studying to be an Advanced Master Naturalist at the University of Florida. His mission is to inspire others to get outside and learn.