Geneva Wilderness Area Cinematic 4K Nature Vidleo

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I set out to hike the Geneva Wilderness Area in Geneva, FL on Saturday. The parking lot was full so I thought the trails would be packed. As I walked past the nature center, there seemed to be a ton of kids going in and out of it. I continued down the trail entrance and hiked for a couple of hours and didn’t see one person out there. It was a great time. The trails were wide and clean, there were a number of habitats to hike through and make sure you hike out to the chapel which is on the lake. I got an eerie feeling being there. Overall, I found the area to be a nice fast hike that’s good for an afternoon.

List of Scenes At Geneva Wilderness Area

Scene 1 – Sony FDR-AX100 – Lake
Scene 2 – DJI Osmo+ – Hiking Trail
Scene 3 – Sony FDR-AX100 – Butterfly
Scene 4 – Sony FDR-AX100 – Small Pine Trees
Scene 5 – DJI Osmo+ – Hiking Trail
Scene 6 – Sony FDR-AX100 – Hiking Trail
Scene 7 – DJI Osmo+ – Panning Up Pine Tree
Scene 8 – DJI Osmo+ – Chapel
Scene 9 – Sony FDR-AX100 – Lake
Scene 10 – DJI Osmo+ – Walking Up To Lake
Scene 11 – Sony FDR-AX100 – Pine Trees
Scene 12 – Sony FDR-AX100 – Dead Tree And Sky
Scene 13 – DJI Osmo+ – Pine Cones
Scene 14 – Sony FDR-AX100 – Pine Tree
Scene 15 – DJI Osmo+ – Panning Lake
Scene 16 – Sony FDR-AX100 – Chapel And Lake
Scene 17 – DJI Osmo+ – Hiking Trail
Scene 18 – Sony FDR-AX100 – Lake, Chapel & Trees

Park Information

Geneva Wilderness Area

3485 County Road 426
Geneva, FL 32732


Every day 8am to sunset

Entrance Fee


Park Amenities

  • Parking Area
  • Hiking Trails
  • Nature Center
  • Camping


Geneva Wilderness Area

Equipment Used

Camera Gear

  • Sony FDR-AX100
  • DJI Osmo+
  • Manfrotto Tripod


  • Premiere Pro CC


  • Dodo


Chris spends his time photographing and taking video of wildlife and nature. He spent 2 years in high school studying forestry (Gainesville, FL) and is currently studying to be an Advanced Master Naturalist at the University of Florida. His mission is to inspire others to get outside and learn.